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How To Organize The Area Under Your Kitchen Sink: In Eight Eeasy Steps

Do you flat out fear the dark chaos under your kitchen sink? You’re not alone. The default dumping ground for cleaning supplies in most households is a poorly lit cavern of pipes, spray bottles and trash bags. If finding what you need under the sink means digging blindly through the mess, knocking over buckets and bug sprays when you’re reaching for your Lysol Wipes, then this post is for you.

These eight easy to implement tips will turn the clutter under your sink into an organized, functional storage space that instills peace instead of fear – and it will only take you a few minutes.

1. The best solution if you don’t want to have to reach into a dark cabinet is to install a slide out drawer. Available in a wide range of materials, choose a gliding drawer or bin with a water resistant finish so it will stand up to any potential moisture under the sink. Also, when measuring, allow clearance for pipes and retractable hoses from the sink above. Gliders can be easily installed, allowing you to pull supplies out into the light, easily reaching what you need. We can help our clients with custom, measure to order, glide outs that will transform any cabinet.

2. While gliding drawers allow you to retrieve items stored in the back or your cabinet, if you’re living in a rental home, installation may not be an option. Thankfully, there are plenty of plastic drawers available that are small enough to stash under the sink. Use them to organize your extra sponges and other smaller items that can get lost down there, creating unwanted clutter. Stacking drawers make the most of vertical space, uncramping your unkempt cabinets… with style!

3. Choose cabinet inserts to double your storage. A small, elevated shelf under the sink is perfect for maximizing vertical space. Get one tall enough to stash bottles underneath, and elevate paper goods, boxes or anything that would be ruined in case of a leak.

4. Take-along totes make it easy to grab your cleaning supplies and go wherever they’re needed. Use a small basket or bucket with a comfortable handle to corral your go-to cleansers, brushes, sponges, etc., and make them easily portable.

5. If you have a generously sized under-sink cabinet, then getting it organized can also buy you enough space to solve your unsightly trash bin troubles. Roll out bins keep your garbage out of sight and within reach. Dual bin options keep recycling under wraps, as well.

6. Make room by installing a small curtain rod under your sink to suspend your spray bottles for instant organization. A heavy-duty tension rod should be sufficient if you don’t have too many bottles, but a screw-mounted model is preferred to accommodate their weight. If hanging them by their triggers makes it difficult to see what’s what, add labels to the back of each bottle.

7. Stop unruly rolls of trash bags from unraveling under your sink with coffee cans or a plastic storage box. Simply cut a hole in the top and pull the bags through one at a time or, if you still buy coffee by the can, cut a slit in the top of the plastic coffee can lid and pull the bags through.

8. A Lazy Susan can mean your never have to stick your hand into the creepy darkness again! Place one of these rotating solutions in your cabinet and load it up with bottles and cans, then spin your supplies around until you find what you need.

In ten minutes, you could try a few of these tips and truly transform your under-sink storage. What idea will work for under your kitchen sink? Do you have a challenge we haven’t solved or do you have a photo of your sink that you need help with? Comment below and let our readers share their solutions with you or upload to our Facebook page your organized under sink area.


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