Questions & Facts to Inspire the Media

Looking for an organizing industry or time management expert? Certified Professional Organizer® Scott Roewer can lend a credible voice in your story. He’s well acquainted with journalists’ workflow and deadlines, and he’s articulate, engaging and comfortable with taped interviews, on air and on camera.

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Residential Organizing

Residential Organizing

  1. What’s a good starting point for getting your home organized?
  2. What’s the most common clutter-creating habit?
  3. What area of the home do people typically find the most difficult to organize? Why?
  4. Do you believe people to be naturally “disorganized,” or is it an acquired habit?
  5. You’ve said, “It’s not about putting things away, but setting them up for next use.” Explain what you mean by that.
  6. How can people maintain organizational systems over the long term?
  7. Can being too organized ever be a bad thing?
  8. Who hires a professional organizer? Is it only for the wealthy?
  9. What can an organizer do for me that I can’t do for myself?
  10. What percentage of your clients are still organized one year after working with you?

Stress-Free Moving

  1. What’s the first step when starting to pack? Is there a certain room that’s the best place to begin?
  2. What’s the most efficient labeling system for home and office moves?
  3. What value does a professional organizer add to a mainstream moving company for a move?
  4. How important is organization in home staging?

Stress-free moving services

Office Organization, Time Management & Productivity

Business organizing services

  1. How does a cluttered office affect productivity and time?
  2. What’s the key to managing email inboxes?
  3. When faced with an overwhelming to-do list, how do you recommend getting started or where to begin?
  4. How do you help someone who reports a crazy schedule find the time to get it all done? Do you have any quick tips?
  5. How do you manage paper clutter and home office organization?

Hoarders, Clutterers and Special Situations

  1. What are some of the signs and symptoms of becoming a hoarder?
  2. When does collecting become hoarding?
  3. How does sentimental attachment fit into your organizing plans for clients?
  4. What special techniques do you have for clients with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?

Paper management

About Scott Roewer

Residential Organizing

  1. How did you get started in the professional organization industry?
  2. How does your background in event planning play into home and office organizing?
  3. Do you recall moments from your childhood that involved keeping things in order?
  4. What elements of the organization process do you most enjoy?
  5. What’s the most difficult place in your home to keep organized?
  6. What’s the most interesting organization project you’ve tackled?

Organizing Facts & Figures

Top reasons professional organizers are hired

  1. Too much clutter
  2. General disorganization
  3. Difficulty determining what to keep and/or discard
  4. Difficulty finding things
  5. Selling a home or moving

Top areas in home where organizing services are most often requested*

  1. Home office or den
  2. Kitchen
  3. Closet
  4. Master Bedroom
  5. Garage/Attic/Basement

Disorganization in the US

  • 43% of Americans categorize themselves as disorganized.**
  • 64% of Americans are dissatisfied with the amount of storage space in their homes.**

* Information used with permission from NAPO
* Ikea Home at Life Survey, June 2012