There’s a difference between getting your life organized and just getting rid of life’s clutter. We know that difference. That is why we consider ourselves, teachers of organization.

Organization unifies our environments from the inside out – creating more time for living.

We approach organizing from a strategic perspective – beginning with a comprehensive needs assessment of your space and your lifestyle. Then we work together to design a system that’s personalized to fit your needs and create lasting results. Just as a builder’s hammer is guided by a set of blueprints, our customized systems guide the shelves, containers and hangers we recommend to organize your home or office.

Together we create organizing systems so you can find what you need when you need it. There’s more to organizing than pulling, piling and hauling away.

More of DIYer? Don’t hold back! Use our organizing assessment to kick-start your project or work alongside our team with our full-service residential organizing service. We work with you in whatever way makes the most sense for your personality and work style.

Looking for a professional organizer in DC? Getting organized is an investment in you. By getting organized today, you save time, money and sanity in the future. Partnering with The Organizing Agency isn’t another “to do” to cross off the list or a fee you pay to solve a problem – it’s an empowering decision that will last a lifetime.