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Earth Day Continued – Seven Great Repurposing Ideas

There is a special sense of satisfaction that comes from finding a new use for an outdated item. It can be an unexpected way to create a visual interest in your home, while also filling an organizational need – and best of all, it reduces waste and saves money. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve collected some of our favorite repurposing ideas from around the web.

1. Wine Rack As Magazine Holder

Using a wine rack to keep you magazines handy is not just a creative alternative to traditional magazine racks, it makes it easier to see what you have, and prevents you from collecting too many issues at once.

Photo credit: James Wojick

2. Funnels As Dispensers For Twine, Yarn Or Ribbon

This idea can be applied everywhere from the kitchen to the crafts room to the garage. Affix some inexpensive funnels to the wall or to a sturdy pegboard, and make your unruly string-like collections functional, easy-to-access and absolutely adorable.

Photo credit: Martha Stewart Living

3. Wood Shutters As Organizing Stations

There are countless uses for old shutters of every shape and size. Paint them to coordinate with your décor and use them to corral keys, mail and family messages or reminders. Add clips and hooks for extra functionality. Visit 5 Things to do With…Wood Shutters for more repurposing ideas.

Photo credit: lifeasathrifter.blogspot.com

4. Crown Molding As Shoe Display 

For the shoe-lovin’ women who enjoy ogling their footwear as much as they love wearing it, this DIY tip will really deliver. Hang molding like shallow shelving to keep your shoe collection in view. It’ll keep them accessible, while allowing you to see what you have. No less than these little works of art deserve!

Photo credit: Fashion Diva Design

5. Cake Stands To Organize Clutter in the Bathroom

How many beautiful serving pieces do you have hiding in your kitchen cabinets that never see the light of day? This fantastic repurposing idea brings them out for you to admire, while clearing clutter from your bathroom counters or the top of your dressers. Collect lotion bottles, perfumes, hair accessories, or other odds and ends in your under-used cake stand… and clear out some storage space in your kitchen cabinets, too!

Photo credit: westerly_whimsies via flickr

6. Make That Rake Do The Work For You!

If rustic country charm is you’re your style, then you’ll love these ideas for repurposing old rakes. You can hang them with the handle, if your space allows, or use just the head of the rake – or several grouped together – to display everything from jewelry and scarves, to kitchen utensils and stemware. Be sure to scrub the rake well before hanging, and then enjoy your new clever and highly functional display.

Photo credit: sortrature.com

 Photo credit: twighome.com

Photo credit: Green Renaissance

7. Set A Place for Your Furry Friends

It’s easy to turn an old bench or children’s chairs into a unique feeding station for your beloved pooch. It will look great in your kitchen, and also raise their food and water bowls to a more comfortable height. Just cut holes into the seats to rest the bowls in and you’re done!


Photo credit: bhg.com

If you have a favorite repurposed item in your home, please tell us about it in the comments below. Or, let us know about a piece you’d love to find a new use for… we’re always full of ideas for breathing new life into your old treasures!

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