If it had not been Scott, I would have been still living among hundreds of boxes, large and small, in my 3-Bedroom apartment!

Even though it took me several years to realize that I was overwhelmed after a sequence of life-changing events, the desire to return to a humble and comfortable abode at the end of a hard-working day was ever present. Not sure how to start or whom to hire, I interviewed three certified professional organizers on the phone. Scott, by far, gave me the best sense of professionalism. He asked about my goals, explained how he approaches his work, and his expectation of his clients. Since then, I have enjoyed every session with Scott.

Scott listens and observes well, offers sound advice and marvelous ideas, and works with you to bring organization and sanity to the situation facing you. I have recommended Scott to my friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so.

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