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We had a very positive experience working with Scott and Nina. Before hiring them, we were under the impression that a professional organizer would walk in, point to areas that needed to be organized, provide us tips on color coating and clearing out, and then drive away while we were left with the heavy lifting. The last part could not have been further from the truth. While they provided us with a careful assessment and advice on how to best organize certain spaces in our home, they then got down on their hands and knees and led the heavy lifting in all aspects. They worked extremely hard, and were professional and hands-on in a good way without being intrusive. Scott has a way of delicately challenging you about holding on to things you honestly don’t need and will also gently push for you to make changes that will be beneficial. In an appropriate manner, he will push you when you need to be pushed. As an example, he encouraged us to make a change to our bedroom closet that at the time seemed like just another expenditure. We dragged our feet and he kept encouraging us to make the change. We finally listened to him and it was, frankly, one of the best decisions we’ve made and I appreciate this every morning. As a testament to their work, we hired them multiple times (including once to my office) and imagine we will continue to do so on a yearly basis.

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