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How To: Organize And Store Your Summer Wardrobe

How to Organize and Store Your Summer Wardrobe (300 x 300)The air is turning crisp again and you know what that means – sweater weather is coming! It’s time to make room for coats and other cold-weather gear in your closet and pack away your sandals and swimsuits. Take care to store everything properly and you can make sure your warm weather favorites are ready to go next summer.


Prior to storing anything, it’s always best to clean it. Left to fester, even small specks of dirt can turn into stains, so never store off-season clothes until they’ve been washed. Prevent insects by skipping the starch, as the smell may attract critters in storage. Stashing a small sachet of dried lavender will also help to repel moths and keep your stored clothes fresh. Dry cleaning natural fibers like silk and linen before putting them into storage will kill any moth larvae that may already be present. Some dry cleaners offer seasonal clothing storage. If you take advantage of this service, request a detailed inventory of your items so you can account for everything next spring.

In addition to laundering everything, take care of any tears, fallen hems, missing buttons or other tailoring tasks before you pack it away. You’ll be glad to unpack mended, wearable clothing next year, instead of unpacking errands!


Whenever possible, store your clothes in the same manner you had them in your closet. Keep hanging clothes on hangers and stash them inside a cloth garment bag. Keep folded clothes folded, or save space and prevent creases by rolling them up instead.

Store your off-season clothes in containers that breath. We prefer fabric or canvas storage bags. Another alternative is clear plastic bins, that allows you to easily identify your items and protects fabrics from the three biggest threats: water, mildew and bugs. If you’re buying new containers, take the time to measure your storage space before you buy them! You’ll want to make sure to get the right size to slip under the bed, and that you make the most of your vertical storage space, if you’re planning to stack them in a closet.

If you’re reusing boxes you already have, wipe down the interior of each box with a disinfectant cleaner and toss in a few cedar oil-infused inserts to deter bugs. Luggage that you only use on occasion is also a good choice. If you’re worried about bugs, consider putting clothes in vacuum sealable bags first and then store them in the suitcase.


Before you give up valuable storage space to that beach cover up that you haven’t actually put on for the last three summers, ask yourself “When was the last time I wore this?” If you can’t remember, then let it go. Collect it in your donation bag, or save it for a post-summer “swap meet” with the girls. Before you say goodbye to your tank tops, t-shirts, and summer dresses, though, compare them to the fall pieces you’re pulling out and see if they’ll work for your upcoming seasonal layered looks.

You may feel wistful packing away your fair weather wardrobe and looking at the snowy days ahead, but think of it as an opportunity to reorganize and refresh before you head into the new season. Tell us what you’re looking forward to most about sweater weather or share your best tips for successful wardrobe swapping and storage in the comments below! We would also love to see a photo of your seasonal clothing storage. Share it on our Facebook page with the hashtag #GetOrganized


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