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Stephen McMahon, MS

I just needed to send you a note to tell you how much I really appreciate all the work that you did to transform my chaotic world into an organized, efficient place in which both my personal and professional lives run so much more smoothly. As you know, my recent decision to increase my consulting work to full-time meant that I’d be managing more clients’ materials and records in my home office. Combined with all the elements of simple day-to-day life in my small two bedroom house, I wasn’t sure there was enough space to really manage everything.

Within in a matter of weeks, my closets were completely re-organized, freeing up valuable space for my work records and files. Your archiving of old records reduced boxes and boxes of scattered materials to a few boxes on one closet shelf, with everything clearly organized and labeled. And, of course, your re-organization of my home office was nothing less than phenomenal. Not only do I have quick and easy access to all the tools I need to do my job, I have a space that is conducive to productivity and that really allows me to maximize my impact for my nonprofit clients.

Without The Organizing Agency, my business would have been fine, but it wouldn’t have grown so quickly. As a result of your contributions, I’m able to handle an array of projects for various clients in a manner that feels not only productive, but calm and focused.

I can’t thank you enough. I’ve already referred a handful of colleagues, all of whom have reported complete satisfaction. Keep up the good work!

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