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I never like to spend money on something I think I can do myself, after all, I am a smart, well educated, successful person. However, I realized I seek professionals for maintenance and repairs on my home, my health, and why shouldn’t I hire a professional for these areas that were so critical to my daily life but which eluded my skill set. I am surely glad I did. Scott is a gifted communicator, with very positive energy, and razor sharp intuition. Like good legal assistance, he provides a dispassionate perspective which allows me the capability to sift through an accumulation of items which had great psychological attachment. I really look forward to each visit. His organizing advice and work ethic, inspire me to continue what I have learned after his departure. I really knew after winter passed and I had not made any significant headway into cleaning out compounded accumulation….thirty year military career, a new business career using my home office, and managing my recently passed parents estate, that I needed assistance and a level of organizing I did not possess. Now, I am completely empowered and feel renewed energy from walking into my now functioning space. I know once Scott helps me compartmentalize the functionalities and choose the right product to replace the inadequate closet shelving, my office will be a place I truly love to go to each morning. Our sessions are ongoing due to the large scope of my project. To date, this is the best decision I have made in years! After only three sessions, I have a highly functioning office devoid of excess papers and items which do not belong in the space. We have labeled and banded all electronics and cords into easily accessible pockets on the back of the closet door. Scott helped me copy all my files and photos from a dying computer onto a removable HD to load into my cloud for storage, then put the computer out for recycle. I know where to put papers by designated folders and have stopped doing the paper shuffle from file to pile.

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