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Tips to Prepare Your Spooktacular Halloween

?????Great scary movies, creative costumes, and copious amounts of candy will conjure a spooky good time for everyone this Halloween season. There are plenty of moving parts to get organized ahead of time, so follow these tips for frighteningly good time.

  1. Get prepared for maximum fun! Brainstorm a master list of everything you want or need to accomplish to make the most of this Halloween’s fun factor. Consider the parties (yours, friends’ and schools’), costumes, pumpkin carving, decorations, and all the related supplies and errands you’ll need to cover.
  1. Start with the obvious. Let’s be real… it’s all about the candy. Buy your treats early and you won’t get stuck with the dregs. Ask your family for their preferred brands and bring home exactly what you want. Then find a safe place to hide it all until you’re ready for the trick-or-treaters. If you need goody bags for a kids’ party, organize them now so you don’t find yourself short on time when the 31st rolls around.
  1. Dress it up! Besides the calendar-condones sugar high, the next best thing about Halloween is the costumes. Talk to your family now about what they want to wear, to get an idea of how much time you’ll need to prepare. Are you going to buy, rent or make your own? Set a budget and start collecting materials you need to accessorize… and don’t forget the make up! If you’re doing it yourself, set aside some time to practice beforehand so you’ll look your festive best come when it’s time to get dressed.
  1. Decoration are essential… so don’t skimp. This is an over-the-top décor kind of holiday and a little forethought can make your home that much more boooo-tiful! There’s tons of inspiration out there so look around before you shop. And choose which areas of your home you will be spookifying… don’t try to spread your decorations too thin or you’ll dilute the spook. Pull it all together by choosing a theme like haunted house, graveyard, or a dark fairy tale… then go crazy!
    If you have a stash of go-to props bring out those spiders and cobwebs now. Take stock of what you have, how they look after a year in storage, and note anything that may have gone missing. Add the items you need to replenish to your master list. If you’re just starting your collection this year, don’t forget an appropriate storage container to keep your goodies in good shape for next year.
  1. Carve a pumpkin! Making jack’o’lanterns is fun for all ages and designs range form the simple to the stunning, so challenge your inner artist and create a show-stopper for your stoop this year. If you want to wow the kids, find a template of their favorite characters online and make a personalized pumpkin just for them. Try artificial candles to illuminate your creations and you won’t have to worry about the hazards of any unattended flames.
  1. Find the nearest haunts with the most Halloween fun. Check your local papers or the Web to scope out the Halloween festivities in your area. If you know where you’ll be celebrating, start planning your costume and anything you’ll be bringing to the party.
  1. Check your local listings. Nothing gets you in the mood like a scary movie marathon. Choose the best from cable’s scariest scarefests or plan your own Netflix night with family or friends. Be sure to have plenty of Halloween-themed snacks on hand including a preview of your fun-sized favorites.

There are so many ways to enjoy this Halloween. Please let us know what you and your kids are looking forward to most and how you plan to celebrate. Do you prefer to turn to tradition or are you going to try something new this year? And, of course, we want to know what you’re going to wear!

Wishing you all a safe and healthy Halloween.


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