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Closet Changeover Magic – How To Make It Easier

20140325-Closet-Change1-5Think you’ve got nothing to wear? Before you rush out and spend a bundle on new clothes, try getting your closet organized for Spring. I bet you’ll uncover the wardrobe that you already have… it’s probably hiding from you in plain sight!

Cleaning out your overstuffed armoire or cramped closet isn’t really something to dread. It’s not as difficult as you think, and the rewards are huge and immediate. Carve out a few hours this weekend, crank your favorite tunes to keep your energy up, and follow these simple steps to get your closet organized in no time:

Move it out! As with any organizational project, you have to start with a clean slate, so begin by emptying everything out of your closet. Gather it into categories as you remove it all: shoes; sweaters; jeans; dresses and skirts; bags, belts and hats; etc. Then wipe down all the surfaces and sweep or vacuum thoroughly.

Thin it out. Move as quickly as you can through each pile and decisively remove any items you no longer wear. Designate what is to be donated, tossed, repurposed, or even sold on eBay, and bag it up and remove it from the staging area. Remember, anything that you didn’t wear this year, you are even less likely to wear next year, so don’t give up precious space storing them. Let it go sooner not later.

Pack it up and put it away. Prepare your clothes for storage by washing or dry cleaning everything. Then pack them in the appropriate totes to protect them from moisture and bugs. I prefer something with a natural fiber so the clothing is able to breath. If your containers aren’t sufficiently transparent, list what you’re putting into each of them, and tape the list to the outside for easy retrieval throughout the year.  Also, store your beachwear or resort clothes separately, so you’re always ready to pack for an impromptu weekend getaway.

Ideally, you could store things as you use them and hanging items would remain hung, but if your storage space doesn’t allow for that, then try to lay your hanging items flat, rather than folding them, to eliminate the need for excessive pressing when they come out of storage. Delicate items should be folded, not hung, to avoid stretching, sagging and pulling of knits. If you don’t have any extra closet space, ask your dry cleaner about storage options – many will hold onto your off-season clothes free of charge, after you’ve paid for their dry cleaning services.

Put it back. Do not start returning your Spring and Summer items to your closet without a plan! Think about your dressing habits and organize accordingly: separate workday from weekend, or if your work clothes are less corporate, try distinguishing dressy from casual. Go a step further, and make sub-arrangements by length and color.

Listen to Mommy Dearest and get rid of the wire hangers. Invest in hangers that will help preserve your wardrobe: sturdy wooden hangers for heavier coats, padded hanger for your delicates, and non-slip hangers for those silky tops. Once you’ve taken stock of how many you need, you can find a great selection of hangers online or at your favorite home store.

A well organized closet is a beautiful sight, and it not only saves you money by reminding you what you already own, it makes getting dressed a whole lot easier! Please comment below and let us know what you LOVE about your closet, and one way you plan to make it even better this Spring.


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Certified Professional Organizer®, Scott Roewer is founder of The Organizing Agency, a professional organization and productivity company devoted to teaching residential and business clients how to increase productivity, save money, and how to live a more organized and abundant life.

An award winning company, in 2013, The Organizing Agency was once again awarded the Angie’s List Super Service award, in 2012 the National Association of Professional Organizers recognized Scott with its top honor, the Founders’ Award, and later the same year, the U.S. Air Force commended his volunteerism, naming him Joint Base Andrews “Hometown Hero.” For more information on Scott’s team and how they can help you, contact the office online or call us directly at 202-249-8330.



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