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Cut Clutter in the Bedroom: A How-to Guide

20140506 cut clutter in the bedroomContemplating the purpose of your bedroom sounds a bit silly. It’s right in the name: bedroom. You’re supposed to sleep there. But chances are your bedroom is serving more than one function, and if you don’t have a plan to prevent clutter, it can make the bedroom’s primary purpose of providing you with a relaxing retreat from your daily stresses, very difficult to achieve.

Clearing the clutter in your bedroom can be approached in three steps: surfaces, storage, and scenery.

Step 1: Surfaces

Start by clearing off every surface in the room – dresser tops, bedside tables, and don’t forget the floor! – and tossing anything that isn’t useful to you.

A fast way to make a big impact on surface clutter is to remove the lamp from your nightstand. Switch to a floor lamp or one of countless wall-mounted sconce, and you’ll feel an instant effect on your bedside table. It may be impossible to keep your surfaces completely clear, but try to keep only the most relevant items like your alarm clock and tissues. If your nightstand does not have a shelf or drawer, you might consider upgrading this piece of furniture.

Step 2: Storage

Ideally, you’d have enough storage space to accommodate everything, but realistically, to reduce bedroom clutter, you need to manage your belongings by putting a cap on how much you acquire. One easy way to do this is following the ‘one in, one out’ rule. Commit to donating one old item for every new item you buy, and you’ll quickly learn how to stem any reckless spending! If closet clutter is the main problem in your bedroom, begin by assessing your wardrobe and saving only the items that you actually wear. Be honest and unmerciful. If you can’t let it go, find another place to store or display an item, but reserve the bedroom for items that get used in heavy rotation.

Think about the collections in your bedroom that don’t yet have a proper place to live, and create one to instantly clear clutter and prevent it from reappearing. Like to read in bed? Swap out your nightstand for a small bookshelf. Can’t curb your shoe collection? Hang a high and shallow shelf along the length of each wall to keep your favorites on display and off the floor. Who doesn’t love shoe art?

If your closet is so small that your wardrobe – or any items that should be living out of sight, not in your bedroom – is spilling out into the room, then it must be tamed. You shouldn’t live beyond your means when it comes to finances or closet space. Devise a workable budget of space for your belongings that live in the bedroom and its closets, and stick to it! If you have the space in your bedroom to accommodate piles of clothes, then you probably have space for a piece of furniture to house them. Consider an armoire or a dresser to provide the storage you need to unclutter the overflow for good.

Step 3: Scenery

The third consideration is scenery this is purposefully soothing. Make sure the more detailed or “noisy” patterns in your room are used in small doses, like curtains, pillow shams, or lampshades, for a calm and less cluttered vibe. Choose carefully what is to be kept out and on display, and be mindful that even your cherished collection of perfume bottles may be creating visual clutter. Also, studies show that observing nature lowers blood pressure, so bring a plant into your bedroom to subconsciously increase your positivity.

Keep these three steps in mind and you’ll be enjoying a clutter-free bedroom in no time. Spend a few minutes every day putting everything back where it belongs and prevent clutter from creeping back into your peaceful sanctuary. And don’t forget, if an organizing project isn’t getting done because it’s too overwhelming to begin, there are always professionals who are happy to help.

Please share in the comment section what kind of clutter your bedroom has been collecting. What has been your biggest obstacle to getting it under control? If you have an ‘after’ photo we would love if you would share it on Facebook and tag us!


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