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Kick Off Get Organized Month In The Bathroom

bathroom-5Back in 2005 when the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) named January as Get Organized Month or GO Month, they definitely knew what they were doing. According to StatisticBrain.com for 2014, “getting organized” is the number two resolution, second only to “losing weight.” NAPO recognized this widespread desire, so they launched GO Month to raise awareness of the benefits of organization and to inspire people to stick to it.

In a 2008 survey by NAPO, 65% of people surveyed said their household was at least “moderately disorganized.” Ninety-six percent of them believed they would save time every day by becoming more organized and 15% of that group felt the time they would save could total more than an hour each day. That’s more than 15 full days in a year! If you knew that you could save two extra weeks this year by taking some time to get organized now, wouldn’t you give it a shot?

Throughout GO Month, we’re going to guide you through easy but effective ways to get organized in each room of your house, starting with the bathroom. Follow these easy steps and get your bathroom in shape today:

SORT IT. Make piles of things that belong together like first aid items, grooming tools, or make up. Don’t try to put them away until you’ve collected and sorted through everything, that way you’ll be able to properly assess how much space each category really needs.

TOSS IT. Once your piles are sorted, go through and toss whatever you don’t need. Check for expired medications and outdated makeup, and toss them in the bin. (Keep track of the shelf life of your makeup by placing a sticker on the bottom of each item with the date of purchase.) If you have an abundance of near-empty lotion bottles or hotel toiletries that expired before your last three vacations, now is the time to let them go, too. And the same goes for cosmetic samples you’ve been hoarding. If you have saved unused cosmetic items for over a year, throw them out or collect the non-expired ones and donate them to a local women’s shelter. If you have old appliances that need replacing, opt for hairdryers or curling irons with retractable cords for easier, tangle-free storage.

CONTAIN IT. Once you’ve whittled down the mass from every cabinet, drawer and shelf in your bathroom, don’t just shove it all back where you found it, give it a proper “home.” Don’t forget to use plastic liners to protect your drawers and cabinets from scratches and spills. Use containers to corral smaller items, and label everything to make staying organized easier. Modular containers like these are great because they offer flexibility as your storage needs may change, and clear canisters help you see when your most used items are running low. Try modular utensil organizers (intended for use in the kitchen) to keep your makeup drawer in order. And mesh laundry bags are a great way to store the kids’ bath toys, so they’ll dry out between uses. Designate what will be stored on each shelf of your medicine cabinet or linen closet and label the shelves to help you and your family stick to the plan.

STICK TO IT! Prevent your bathroom from creeping back toward the clutter again. Putting something away when you’re done using it sets it up for the next use, and saves you time because you won’t have to tidy up each day. If you straighten up a little bit each day, it means you won’t lose half your weekend to another organizing marathon.

Whether yours is teeny-tiny or big enough to land a plane in, the way to keep your bathroom organized is to make sure everything has a place where it belongs. You’ll get used to the system you’ve created in just a few weeks and that is what will save you time moving forward.

Please share your space-saving and clutter-busting tricks in the comments below. What’s your favorite organizing trick to make your bathroom more functional for you?


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Certified Professional Organizer®, Scott Roewer is founder of The Organizing Agency, a professional organization and productivity company devoted to teaching residential and business clients how to increase productivity, save money, and how to live a more organized and abundant life.

An award winning company, in 2013, The Organizing Agency was once again awarded the Angie’s List Super Service award, in 2012 the National Association of Professional Organizers recognized Scott with its top honor, the Founders’ Award, and later the same year, the U.S. Air Force commended his volunteerism, naming him Joint Base Andrews “Hometown Hero.” For more information on Scott’s team and how they can help you, contact the office online or call us directly at 202-249-8330.



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