Long-distance relationships don’t scare us.

We offer all of our organization services virtually anywhere by utilizing technology to keep in touch.

The Organizing Agency’s virtual organizing service allows us to work with you regardless of distance. We don’t need to be in a space to organize it. We use video chat and file sharing to assess your home or office area. Once we have an understanding of your goals, we devise action and accountability plans to guide you through the organizing process.

How it works:

We begin with a modified version of our Comprehensive Organizing Needs Assessment that we complete via Skype video chat. We also ask that you send us pictures of your space(s), so we can more easily visualize your needs, goals and challenges.

The time it takes for you to complete your goal depends on the time you can dedicate to this DIY project. We’ll help you estimate the time necessary to complete the work and then support you through the organizing process. We offer a variety of support packages based on your specific needs.

Who is it for?:

Virtual organizing is great for the DIYers who need guidance on where to start, the previously organized individual who let life get ahead of them and now need a new perspective, and for the self-starter who needs some inspiration and an accountability partner to make things happen. It’s for the jet setter who lives abroad or only has short, scattered times at home, and for the young professional with a big project and a smaller budget.

Even for some DC-area residents, virtual organizing may be the best option. You still get to work with our team on a personalized plan, but you enjoy the independence and flexibility of working on your project on your own schedule.