Don’t let our gingham fool you—moving is never a picnic.

But with The Organizing Agency, it can be. You can go on vacation during the packing and the actual move and return to find everything in its place, right down to the champagne chilling in the refrigerator. Now doesn’t that sound nice? Let us handle your relocation from start to finish. Our team of experts is trained in over 100 ways to prep and pack your home. That’s over 100 less things for you to worry about! Need help with only a portion of the move? No problem! Contact us and we’ll customize a plan that meets your needs. Included with our complete move package is our proprietary, customized, four–step process to ensure a stress-free move experience for our clients.

Stress-free moving servicesStep 1: Take & Toss

We pre-plan your move. Our comprehensive services include pre-move organizing so only the items you need, use and love will be packed and moved to your new space. We downsize and declutter (including optional donation delivery or junk hauling), stage your current home for maximum selling potential, create a furniture plan for your new space and coordinate the numerous move details with the moving company. We can also assist with furniture selection or make referrals to our trusted network of partners in the home service industry, such as painters, interior decorators, cleaning services, etc.

Step 2: Bag & Tag

We pack your home. Our trained team of professional organizers works room-by-room to sort, pack with care and accurately label each box for easy unpacking. We bring the packing materials and can use eco-friendly, reusable crates to reduce waste in your home and the environment.

Step 3: Sign, Seal, & Deliver

It’s moving day! The movers are coordinated, the truck arrives on time and we’re there to manage the fast-paced action. Think air traffic controller at Reagan National Airport, LaGuardia or Heathrow! We assist movers with furniture placement and begin emptying boxes as soon as they come off the truck. You don’t even need to be home for this to happen. We’ve got you covered!

Step 4: Sort & Settle

We unpack and organize your new home. We set up your closet, organize the kitchen, unpack the office and arrange your bookshelves and artwork and even make the beds for you to sleep in the first night. As professional organizers, we must confess that this is our favorite part! Our team transfers the organizing systems from your previous space so you’ll be able to quickly maintain order in your new home or office. Don’t have organizing systems from your old home? No problem.  We’ll create something simple and practical that’s easy to use and keep up after we’re gone.