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Virtual Home Organizing

Would you like to get organized at home with the same benefits of working with an in person organizer? If your answer was yes, keep reading

Most people understand how a hands-on organizing appointment works with an organizer but is curious about how a virtual organizing could benefit their situation. A virtual organizing session provides you the benefits received when there’s direct in-person interaction with an organizer, but it is done over video chat, phone calls, and email. We approach your project with the same steps as hands-on organizing appointments to achieve your goals. The sessions work best when a client can work independently outside of the virtual session to complete their project, however it is not necessary with more frequent virtual sessions.

What are the benefits of virtual organizing appointments?

  • Everyone can continue to practice socially distancing.
  • It’s a cost effective solution with shorter appointment times.
  • Flexibility to work with an organizer outside our typical appointment times.
  • Focus on one project at a time, such as a home office, closet, dining room table, play area, etc.
  • The organizing is actively involved with your project.
  • Ask us about virtual packages.
  • We offer free contactless donation pick up for certain regions or charge a minimal fee outside those areas so you can stay at home safe and sound.
  • We can work with anyone around the world.

How does it work?

  • We use a variety of video chat platforms to work with you. Examples are Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp.
  • Kickstart phone conversation to outline goals and areas of concern.
  • You’ll provide photos to kick off the project.
  • You work off a plan we provide to organize your space.
  • Organizing sessions lengths vary based on the space and your needs.
  • We answer all questions, brainstorm solutions together, and work thru areas that are particularly challenging.
  • We will provide additional homework solutions as necessary to reach your goals.

Is virtual organizing for me?

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself before hiring a virtual organizer.

  • Am I comfortable with the technology (video calls) and will my internet be fast enough?
  • Am I committed to working outside our session to complete the project? If not, are more frequent sessions possible for you?
  • Do I have a specific goal I’d like to accomplish?
  • Do you have mobility issues that might make the DIY aspect challenging? If so, let’s discuss.
  • Does the space you want to work in have good lighting? If not, you’ll want to find some extra lights to shine in the room so we can best help you.

Let’s get started! Call us at 202-249-8330 or complete the contact us form found by clicking here.