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Renovation Organizing Services

Feeling trapped by the details? Renovation projects large and small can rapidly feel overwhelming. We ease your growing pains.

While the architects and design team focus on creating something fabulous, we assure it is also functional by considering and protecting your organizing needs from the start. After all, why spend thousands of dollars on a kitchen, bath, or home remodel only to learn the cabinets aren’t deep enough to hold your pots and pans, the trashcan doesn’t fit under the sink, or your contactor created a pretty closet but took away half of your shoe storage? The Organizing Agency helps ensure the designs you receive from the contractors or designers have considered how you live – so the kids can reach the shelves in the mudroom and your perfectly minimalist bathroom still has storage for your hairdryer and toothbrush. We assist clients in the planning phase of home or office renovations, packing belongings to make way for the demolition, and quickly getting organized after the dust has settled. We can help with individual elements of the project or serve as the point person between you and your architect, contractor and interior designer.

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We specialize in space design based on your lifestyle by considering what you need today, what works now and what you’re missing. We help anticipate future scenarios before you finalize your plans with the architect or designer to ensure your renovation has lasting impact.


Our trained team of professional organizers packs your renovation area with care and accurately labels each box for easy return. We bring the packing materials and can use eco-friendly, reusable crates to reduce waste in your home and the environment. Need to arrange for off-site storage or consignment and charity drop-off? We do that too. If you want your books back on the shelves in the same order as they were before – no problem, we can photograph the space to return everything back to where it came from.


Most often, a renovation requires new organizing systems. We help you get organized quickly so you can start celebrating your new beginning. Once the renovations are complete, we handle the transition into your remodeled area and carefully move your belongings back into place – leaving you to enjoy your new and improved space.