We like to think big when crafting an home organizing assessment for you. Just as doctors follow protocol in the operating room, The Organizing Agency organizers work from a plan in your home or office too!

As organizers, we’re hands-on. But before we dive into a disorganized closet, create a customized garage organization system, or touch a pile of paper on an executive’s desk, one of our lead organizers meets with you and conducts a two-hour comprehensive Organizing Needs Assessment. This essential first step allows us to understand your story and determine what’s causing the disorganization before creating a customized plan for your unique situation. Our clients often share that the assessment is an eye-opening experience and helps them to understand how our holistic approach enables them to create lasting change.

Organizing assessment

Our Organizing Needs Assessment is a four-step process:

1. Diagnose the problem.

We begin with an interview to identify your organizing challenges and determine your goals and timeline for getting organized. We develop an understanding of your lifestyle, how you live and how you work. Then we tour your home or office with you to evaluate your space’s potential and visually assesses your organizing needs.

2. Create a “blueprint.”

As we tour your space we create a summary of the work to be completed – highlighting key issues and identifying potential solutions. Based on your feedback and our joint assessment of your space, we design a plan and sequence of attack that makes sense for you.

3. Make recommendations.

Nine times out of 10, the layout of your space works against you, so if it’s appropriate, we make recommendations for a renewed physical layout of your space.

4. Estimate.

We discuss the plan of action and your goals, which includes an estimated timeline and the investment you can anticipate for completion. With this, you’ll have all of the information necessary to make decisions and an understanding of our plan to get started. We offer two payment options to work with a variety of budgets. Ready to get started with an Organizing Needs Assessment? Call our office at 202-249-8330 or contact us online.

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