Hoarding Cleanup Services

Making decisions about keeping and discarding your possessions can be challenging and emotional.

As a Certified Chronic Disorganization Specialist, Scott takes a collaborative approach alongside hoarders and clutterers. He helps create and maintain environmental change, starting with an information gathering session to learn about personal background and tendencies. Then Scott and his team of organizers evaluates the home or office using a certified scale and concludes with goal setting and a plan for how to organize the space.

The Organizing Agency’s founder, Scott Roewer will be launching a new workshop series based on the book Buried In Treasures. This facilitated group program is an action-oriented self-help program consisting of 15 sessions over 20 weeks. Each session is highly structured and time-limited and focuses on each chapter of the book. The workshop will be held in DC conveniently located in Chinatown (7th & H ST NW) with easy access on the metro or metered/garage parking available.

If you would like to receive information (no obligation to participate), please fill in the form below and we will email you information prior to opening registration. Those on the email list will have first priority to sign-up. There is no need to buy the book now or read it in advance. The latest edition of the book will be provided to all participants. Initial research conducted by the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation reported that “73% of participants are much or very much improved by the end of the group.” By submitting your information below, there is no obligation to participate in the program.Take the first step in creating change in your life by providing your contact information below. We will never share your information with anyone.

*Don’t worry we promise to never share your information.