Home Inventory & Emergency Preparedness Services

The Organizing Agency’s home inventory service makes sure you know what you have and we can assure you’re better prepare in case of an emergency. It also allows you and your insurance company to accurately approximate property value. We create a detailed online inventory of all items in your home according to your needs, whether it’s your art collection, wine cellar, jewelry safe, or entire home. We film and photograph your belongings so there’s no question about your personal property. So whether you need to file an insurance claim because of theft or natural disaster, you have all the information necessary to maximize your insurance claim compensation. We also create systems to ensure your important documents are securely stored and accessible from anywhere in the world. The Organizing Agency’s Home Inventory service is an investment in peace of mind, because waiting till tomorrow may be too late. To get started, call our office for a free phone assessment of your needs. Call 202.249.8330 to talk with Chris, our ClientCare Associate.