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Garage Organizing in Maryland

As professional organizers, we’re also a garage organizing company. So, we want to know – would you also want this garage? We helped this single mother organizing her garage so they could find everything, the first time, put things away, and not waste money by buying stuff they already owned. This project took two, 4-hour organizing sessions to complete. One session was spent de-cluttering the garage and  organizing the items that remained. We next created a design plan, utilizing the garage shelves they already owned, and buying additional storage for the walls and containers to hold items on the shelves.

At the next appointment, we installed the new wall storage systems in the garage, and supplemented the shelving storage with the containers and bins purchased. Between appointments the client donated all of the items the family no longer wanted and had the county do a bulk-trash pick-up for everything else to be discarded.

This garage is still looking great!


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