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Paper Shredding Scissors – Tool or Toy?

November 2014 Update – Dynomighty no longer sells the shred scissors but you can easily find them online with the help of a search engine.

scissors_view2_1In a previous post, I showed you the Dynomighty Magnets. Well the same company sells this cool set of portable shredding scissors. “This new Luddite paper shredder is perfect for those small items that you want to shred like voided checks or store receipts.”

Made with stainless steel construction, they report the mechanics are very smooth and they feel great in your hand. I personally use a shredder that sits on the floor near my desk, but I could
see these scissors being used by someone in their kitchen or in a bedroom where they might want to toss a receipt they had in their pocket.

scissors_view5_1Available on line for $19.50. Buy a set for the person who tears up receipts into tiny pieces. At least they’ll save their fingers using the scissors.

I see these scissors as a toy more then a useful tool for the home.  They are certainly quieter then a document shredder but not nearly as efficient.



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