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Organize Your Laundry Room Once And For All!

2015-01-27 Laundry Room Body of Post imageIs there anything messier – or more annoying – than piles of clothes waiting to be washed? If you have a laundry room in which to collect yours, you’ve probably noticed how quickly it can become dumping ground for all things that need cleaning. Unfortunately, if there’s no readily apparent system in place, then those cleaning jobs can sit and wait… and your dread will continue to grow. Read on for solutions you can implement right now to organize your laundry room for good.

Whether you have your washer and dryer stashed in a tiny closet or they’ve got their own room with plenty of space to accommodate, make sure you use every inch of the available space to organize your cleaning and laundry supplies. Keep these things in mind as they relate to your space and you can create your perfect, fully functional laundry room:

Sort it out.

When it’s time to do the laundry, employ an organized approach. Have your clothes presorted beforehand and you’ll be done in half the time. First, if space allows, locate the best space to house an appropriately sized triple-sorted hamper for whites, lights and darks. There are plenty of options from side-by-sides to stacking models. Collect dry cleaning separately, in a portable tote, so it’s ready to grab and go. You’ll know it’s time to run a load when one or more of the hampers are full.

Keep it together.

A big step towards organizing your laundry space is to contain all your supplies in neat and easy-to-access caddies. Use the empty wall space behind your washing machine to install a shelf for convenient storage. Add an attractive, sturdy basket or fabric covered bin to hold your soaps, bottles, brushes, etc. Not only will they look tidy on your shelf, they’ll also allow you to grab everything you need at once for laundry or tub scrubbing or whatever task is at hand. Choose canvas containers all in the same color (or in complementary shades) for a happy facade. If you’re worried about liquids in baskets, there’s nothing wrong with selecting a plastic tote or bin you love.

If you keep your washer and dryer in a basement or other generously sized space, consider installing an island with shelves to hold your laundry baskets, getting them off the floor and out of sight when you’re not using them. The counter above provides the perfect place for folding clothes as the come straight from the dryer.

Hang it up.

If you suffer from tiny laundry room syndrome, the lack of space has probably spawned piles of draped clothing over the dryer, and any other available surface. The solution is to make the most of your vertical space. Utilize behind-the-door hooks and rods to hold hanging clothes, or a fold-up ironing board and adjustable height baskets. A retractable clothesline or two can raise delicates overhead and out of the way while they dry.

Make it home.

Pets are messy, but they’re family. Since fur babies come with a whole host of supplies, and they do require cleaning themselves, the laundry area is a logical place to keep it all. If your pet’s stuff seems to be taking over your house, designate a “pet zone” in your laundry room. Move a bed or crate there and add hooks for extra leashes and brooms, and an extra water dish. Place everything your pet will enjoy out of the room’s traffic flow and away from any drafts, so they’ll be warm and cozy while they help you fold clothes.

Just because your laundry room is a utility-oriented space doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of all personality. Add some color and a bright light fixture, or hang a few family photos. Using cheerful curtains to hide unsightly supplies can also make it welcoming. Consider a cork board to pin up stain removal tips or simply add images that make you smile. If you create a space that is attractive, functional and organized and you’ll find that staying on top of your laundry and other cleaning chores will be far less stress-inducing.

Have you managed to control the endless cycle of fluff and fold? Tell us how in the comments below, and share your laundry mess with us so we can clean it up with you!


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