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Closet Organization – Five Quick & Dirty Tips

Organizing your closet is possible! Here are a few simple how-to’s for decluttering and organizing your closet.

  1. © Copyright 2005 Corbis CorporationEmpty out the closet completely. Yes, completely!
  2. While it’s empty, vacuum and dust the interior.
  3. Sort the clothing and accessories by categories: jackets, pants, skirts, shirts, shoes, belts, and so forth.
  4. Pick a category and start returning items from that group to the closet. When placing them in the closet, group them by color and by season. Don’t put clothes back that have stains or tears, are unworn, or are out of style.
  5. Hang the items ‘backwards’ (note the hanger in this picture). Once you wear the item, return it to the closet ‘forwards.’ At the end of the season all of the backward hangers are clothes you did not wear.

Bonus tip: Keep a paper bag in the bottom of your closet. During the season drop items into the bag you will no longer use. Once the bag is full take it to Goodwill or your favorite clothing charity.

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